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Why Some Properties are Stuck in the market for quite some time even though when the price is right?

As a professional in the real estate field for more than 10 years, allow me to share with you what are the common problems encountered see. This will show you why listings are left UNSOLD in the market for prolong periods even though pricing is right. stuck in the market for so long, even when the price is right.

why your house cannot sell





1. Wait & See Approach Marketing  – Property portals are still the key mainstream marketing tool that property agents rely on. Through these portals, they engage in traditional and passive marketing methods by posting photos and waiting for buyers to reach out and enquire.


No doubt property portals are is still an effective marketing tool as it is still considered the mainstream way for property home buyers to advertise a property. At the same time, it also provides ample information on the property market – my team is still using it as well.

However, depending on property portals alone will not provide a good position for the listing we are putting out. With many other listings that are also for sale, it’s hard for a listing to stand out. Many still uses Traditional Wait & See Approach Marketing. How are we going to stand out among the sea of listings and get the best highest price?  

Reason Property Cannot Sell


2. Agents typically run a one-man show – They handle prospect coordination, marketing, viewings, negotiations, and closing paperwork alone. Such a busy and tight schedule inevitably leads to neglecting potential buyers who request to view the unit. This results in missed opportunities to attract potential buyers. Additionally, a solo agent might not have the financial resources to design the right marketing campaign for your property, potentially causing stagnation in the selling process.

multi task property agent


low fee mls

3. Engaging a flat fee company or low commission fee agency – Many home sellers are attracted to flat fee commissions, and hope that these agencies can do the same job of getting the best possible result for their property.


After all, we are looking at a 1% vs. a 2% agent fee. It seems like the 1% will be a more cost effective solution, as it allows the home seller to save up more.

However, contrary to their beliefs, this is usually not the case.

Here is a simple illustration.

I have here a property that is valued at 480k.

  • The Flat fee agent A who charges 1% sells the property at 480k

  • Total net gain: 480k less 4.8k = 475.2k


The Professional agent B who charges 2% sells the property at 520k by using an effective and comprehensive marketing strategy. The 2% fee went into marketing costs and manpower resources, such as a videography team, IT specialist and contenting marketing team.

  • Total net gain: 520k less 10.4k = 509.6k

Total net difference 509.6 – 475.2 = 34.4k (More Cash Proceed)

price matter in property transaction

So you can see that ultimately, it’s not about how much fees you are paying. The crucial key factor here is the ultimate selling price.

4. After Selling? What's The Plan NEXT??? Lack of Proper Planning For Perspective Clients. 

Sellers must understand that selling the property is one key aspect, but there are other considerations as well. Home sellers may have other plans in mind than purely selling the current home. To achieve the best result, professional advice is needed to provide a detailed financial plan and time line planning. This is crucial for home selling and for the planning of their next home purchase. For example:


  • Am I eligible to upgrade to a bigger flat?

  • Should I opt for a private property instead?

  • Am I able to afford my dream home?

  • Should I sell now and buy, or wait?

what's next after sell property
Real Estate Agent Professional Advise

All these will require professional advice, a real estate professional can provide case studies and assess the financial standing of the clients. This is why it is crucial to hire the right agent with experience and market knowledge to provide sound and prudent financial analysis.


Redesign The Art of Real Estate Selling 

marketing planning

Swift Marketing Strategy, SMS, is a New Age Real Estate Marketing System proven to sell homes at the highest possible price within a shorter time.

How Does SMS Work? 

swift marketing strategy

1. Revitalising your home for sale – the first impression of the house is important.

We Provide Home Staging for your home to create the perfect first impression by decorating an unfurnished property with temporary furniture and accessories. It helps to demonstrate how to utilize the space and to entice your clients with an inviting environment.

home staging

After Home Staging, What's Next? State Of Art Real Estate Marketing Require Good Quality Content To Rebrand The Marketing Approach

content rebranding

2. Rebranding The Property via Content Marketing Approach cum Video Marketing - Content Video Marketing is what we do to dress up the house to create a good first impression within the first 36 seconds. We have in house content writers to write a story of the home and using Rebranding Marketing Approach, RMA, to rebrand the uniqueness of the house and also highlighting the plus and tone down the minus points of your house such that prospective buyers will know the beauty of your unit before they even step foot into your home.

Home Buyers Are On Their Mobile Phone Today and are Searching Their Home On Mobile Phone. They Are Also Actively On Social Media. 

search property
social media surfing

People Are On The Phones Nowadays, How Can We Target The Right Buyers Group Via The Mobile Phone?  

3. Geo-marketing technique via Social Media - many of the home buyers today are on the phone and are on social media. We leverage on social media geo marketing and profiling to ensure that we are targeting the right buyers quickly and effectively.


micro property site

We also Provide Microsite For Our Clients' Home Listing That Is Mobile Friendly To View On Mobile Phones. It will feature the unit specification and unique points, This Will Also Create a Lasting Impression To Buyers Who had Viewed The Property. In addition, it will also be used to run digital marketing campaign. We Have Our In House Digital Expert To Execute That. 

team planning

4. Not a One Man Show Agent Running the Marketing Process - Our Team comprises of seller specialists, buyer specialists, IT marketing team and administrative team to ensure an effective marketing process for our esteemed clients and provide the best client care services. We are committed and  ensure every enquiries for your home will be attended. We believe all enquiries coming in is an opportunity to the right buyer for your home. 

5. Team Marketing Budget - We do not work solo. A Solopreneur agent might not have the financial muscle to design the right marketing campaign for your property, which might end up getting stagnated. We are committed to provide our clients with the best marketing expenses to provide the best results. 

marketing strategy planning

What Our Clients Say

Featured Advertising Media Partner

client changi rise

Mr & Mrs Tan, Changi Rise

I am both awed by and thankful for Kaeden's impeccable attitude, commitment, dedication, responsiveness and counsel during the course of our long transaction which spanned several months for both our sale and purchase sides. He even went the extra mile for us on multiple occasions and should be highly commended for his work ethic and professionalism. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in search for a trusted and stellar partner.


client bukit batok

Eric, Bukit Batok 394

Professional Agent. Glad To Meet Him. Manage To Sell For Me at Good Price and Negotiate the Best Price For My Purchase

Lenz, Bellewaters 

Would like to compliment your agents Keaden Ong and Dean Howard Wong and for their professional presentation in Bellewaters and the terrace projects.


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