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7 Tips For Home Sellers to help their Home fetch Top Dollars

Every home has a story
We’re here to help you tell it.

Tip #1 Brace yourself for a thorough cleanup

Just like showroom displays, a home will only look inviting if it is clean, neat and in pristine condition. Getting rid of any spoilt furniture, old wallpapers that is peeling off, and cleaning up the corners of all the rooms make it much easier for the potential buyer to visualize themselves living in the same space. The first impression is often the key to selling the unit, and making it presentable will definitely be worth it. 

house cleaning

Tip #2 Pet Peeve

This might come as a surprise to pet owners, but a run-in with fur kids during viewing will usually be a turnoff, as is their odor. While pets are generally friendly, they are also distracting as well. Inviting strangers into the house for viewing may create a situation where your dog or cat turns hostile, ruining their viewing experience. In addition, the buyer would shift their focus to the dog or cat, distracting them from the house. 

In addition, having your pets present during the viewing runs the risk of scaring away potential buyers that are scared of animals, or are allergic to fur. A cat lover might mark you down for having a dog, and the opposite holds true as well. 

Our suggestion is to keep your pets at your parents' place, or at your friend's house for the time being when the viewing is done. Make sure to clean the house of animal fur and keep the rooms fresh from the pet odor. Pet hotels can also be a viable option as well. 

home with dog

Sellers should take every step possible to maximize the number of showings and then make buyers feel as comfortable as possible while they inspect the property

house cleaning 1

Tip #3 Modernise your home with a fresh coat of paint

One of the best ways to freshen up your home, improve curb appeal and boost its value would be to give your house a fresh coat of paint. Repainting the interiors with a new colour can remove dirty spots, modernise the outlook of the house with colours that are in market demand, and breathe new life into spaces that were previously outdated or unused. 

bright neon shades that might be glaring to the eyes. 

This will drastically increase your chances of getting a good deal or a favourable opinion from the potential buyer. 

For colour choices, remember to choose one that is in consistent of a theme across the whole house. When in doubt, go for safe neutral colours and avoid

sample image
house 3

Tip #4 Amp up the lighting to make the house look bigger

General lighting is essential to making the home look warm and welcome, as it boosts the mood of the rooms and makes the whole area much more visible. By doing so, it also makes the living area expand and bigger as well. Insuffcieitn illumination would have caused the area look dim, dark and unappealing. 

Hence, maximise the amount of light shining into the room by opening your curtains, blinds and open your windows. If natural lighting is not enough in your area, you can also add extra lights and table or floor lamps to illumate the area further. Of course, remember to only add lights in moderation to prevent glare lights shining through and hurting the eyes in the daylight.   

home 6

Tip #5 Ambience is crucial 

Creating a warm and comfortable ambience is crucial to potential buyers as it evokes a positive feeling and attraction to the house. 

Simply put, ambience ties the furniture, room design and environment together to define your buyers' perception of your home.


By setting up the place to be soothing and welcoming, it creates a welcoming experience and boost their perception of the place. Creating a calm ambience can start from adding refreshing scents to the rooms, playing soothing music and adjusting the lights to match the mood of the place. 


Tips #6 Pricing Strategy 

Setting the right selling price of the property is important, as it is the first set of information the potential buyer will receive. The price will be measured against the present and future market conditions, which makes it tricky to determine. To set the right price, you will also need to do ample research in seller & buyer market in the area, along with the development plans in store. 


Some other factors include:

a) Month of Supply

Month of Supply measures the number of months it takes for the current supply of properties in the market to sell, based on the current pace of properties sales. This will give a good projection of existing and future supply, playing a significant role on the prices

Market Supply Gap  Agent Insights
sample report
Hi Lo Price Ratio & Absorption Rate Rate  

b) Hi-Lo Price Ratio


Other than the current prices in the market, we also need to look at how the porperties listed price compare to the recent transacted price for a more accurate analysis. Hi-Lo price ratio is the number of high price listings over the number of low price listings. 

c) Monthly Absorption Rate 

This refers to the rate of properties sold, which is determined by looking at the properties sold in a specified area during a given time period (i.e. usually a one month period). 

Equipped with these information, you will be much closer to determining the right selling price for your property.

Selling Your Property?

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professional real estate agent discussion

Tip #7 Reach out to a Professional for consultation


When in doubt, it is best to lay down your worries by getting advice from a professional in the field. Showcasing your home is tricky and price determination is equally difficult. If you are also unsure about the processes and timeline in place, it makes the whole situation even more uncertain. At worse, it might even affect your progress or make you miss key buyers. 

In face of such a situation, it is best you engage a professional agent to assist with all these aspects - looking into essential processes, key procedures, home staging, bringing in more potential RIGHT buyers within the shortest possible time frame and getting your home sold at TOP DOLLARS.

professional agent help successful sale
Client Changi Rise

Mr & Mrs Tan, Changi Rise

I am both awed by and thankful for Kaeden's impeccable attitude, commitment, dedication, responsiveness and counsel during the course of our long transaction which spanned several months for both our sale and purchase sides. He even went the extra mile for us on multiple occasions and should be highly commended for his work ethic and professionalism. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in search for a trusted and stellar partner.


Bukit Batok Client

Eric, Bukit Batok 394

Professional Agent. Glad To Meet Him. Manage To Sell For Me at Good Price and Negotiate the Best Price For My Purchase

Lenz, Bellewaters 

Would like to compliment your agents Keaden Ong and Dean Howard Wong and for their professional presentation in Bellewaters and the terrace projects.


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