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5 Crucial Renovation Tips You Need to Know

Many of you might already know this – but renovation costs have seen a steep increase in price tag ever since COVID-19 pandemic hit us. Where owning a house itself is already a big-ticket purchase, we are now coupled with rising renovation costs that makes owning a dream house much more difficult.

With the increased difficulty to get the raw materials (think tiles, furniture, floorings and more) and the shortage of manpower, it’s easy to see why renovation costs has spiked up over the past few years. Coupled with the shocking stories of renovation horrors recently, there are even more worries about having a botched renovation works along with a nasty price tag.

However, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to spend a reasonable budget for you to renovate your home into what you envision it to be.

#1 Cut down on Built-in Furniture

While it might tempting to have built-in furniture to maximize space utilization in your compact home, it definitely comes with a very hefty price tag. As we have mentioned, custom carpentry has increased in price by a large amount due to the scarcity of manpower and materials, and you risk spending much more time waiting for your custom-made works to be done, creating chances of unexpected delays down the pipeline.

If you can, try to search across multiple furniture shops, both online and offline for pieces that fit your home. Nowadays, online shops also provide very accurate measurements for you to properly envision how it will look in your home.

#2 Think hard on big ticket items

Often, we splurge on big ticket items thinking that they are absolute home essentials. However, just spending it big on that one sofa or luxury bed mattress can tip the scales of our budget, easily making us overspend by a large margin

Other than looking out for mid-year sales, you can also wait for brand sales. For example, if you prefer a particular brand of bed frames, wait for the brand’s anniversary for better deals. By waiting for the right timing, you can save a huge deal of expenses!

#3 Use your credit cards for extra savings

Now that you are on your adulting journey, this is the best time to whip out your credit card for some extra savings! When using your credit card to purchase big ticket items like the TV or fridge, using credit cards can get you extra discounts or cashback deals. There are ones with no minimum spend as well, and by doing so, you can either earn enough miles for free air tickets or save up to hundreds of dollars.

#4 Pick alternative materials

There are ways where you can switch up your material choice without compromising on your overall aesthetic of your dream home. For example, try going for stone bench top instead of granite. Alternatively, go for lamination works instead of marble. If you want to use high quality hardwood timber or ceramic flooring, keep it to key areas that you want to make it the main highlight.

#5 Minimize false ceilings

While false ceilings may be very attractive due to the added sophistication it gives your home, it is also extra pricey as well. False ceilings are not an absolute essential when it comes to making your home look luxurious, and there are many other ways you can do that with a smaller price tag as well.

Avoiding false ceiling also means your rooms will now look larger and more expansive, which is also a great perk as well. By strategizing how you place your lighting and increasing light exposure from larger windows, you can make your rooms well-lit and roomier as well.

Renovation works is another tricky topic to tackle after you secure your dream home. Fret not if you find it very overwhelming to know how renovation works – if you need guidance and help from someone with the right experience and knowledge, reach out to us to find our more.


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