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Getting your own condo? Read this first

Private properties undeniably have their own charm, and condominiums are no different. With its own swanky pool, rooftop gardens, smart technology facilities, and beautiful layout, it’s a dream for many of us to live in such homes. However, with the large selection of condominiums sprouting in each district, it gets difficult for us to decide which one is the best for us.

As quoted from the deputy general manager of Qingjian Realty (South Pacific), Yen Chong has stated the importance of looking beyond the decoration of the accommodation which is relatively subjective, but into the objective benefits of the place to make sound judgments. This includes future developments, location benefits and other significant benefits that may not seem immediate at the moment.

Here are 3 nifty tips for interested condominium buyers to take note of to truly purchase the house of your dreams.

Tip #1: Layout and design

For starters, this isn’t about the posh chandeliers and beautiful lights that we are referring to. Every condominium unit can look fancy with designer furniture, but whether or not it is user-friendly is another question. While this may take time for the residents to finally realize this issue, there are some valuable pointers to indicate user-friendliness.

One example would be ho,w the house actually maximizes the unit space to give you the best of what you are paying for. This can include utilizing corners or weird spaces in the room to make it more spacious, or to have furniture implemented to give a function.

Storage and living spaces should also be maximized so that future residents can have choices or options around the house.

Other considerations include the comprehensive set of facilities the condominium provides. While it might seem luxurious to have an array of facilities, you must consider which facilities you would really use. If the condominium in mind has too many facilities that you wouldn’t touch, it would just be a waste of maintenance fees!

Tip #2: Useful build-ins

Many developers might have special provisions added into the accommodation to make it more alluring or attractive – but how many of those truly value add your lifestyle?

As quoted from an experienced executive representing a real estate firm, “(Buyers) are looking more at convenience rather than just a house with four walls. They are looking for something extra (that can) value-add to what they are paying (for),”.

Some build-ins that are worth a mention could be the technological gadgets to make lifestyle a little smarter and easier. For example, smart doorbells or digital locks under Qingjian are highly sought after due to their convenience. Potential home buyers do value these accessories in their life. Others include digital apps for facility booking and feedback so that residents can have fast access to the information they need without incurring high maintenance fees.

Tip #3: More about the developers

You may think that the name of the developer is insignificant in comparison to the tangible building you see right before you – but that is not always the case.

Certain developers have a reputation for certain behaviors and usually, their past projects will reveal as such. Before entering showrooms or visiting the site, interested home buyers should always do a quick research online to see what the developer is famous for, and what may be the potential drawbacks in purchasing their line of accommodations.

This may include past controversies or property scandals that you should be wary of. That said, most of the developers do have a good track record, so the main discerning point would be the difference in facilities and the regularity of maintenance or feedback.

If interested in particular accommodations, always check in with a reliable specialist or agent about your preferences before making your decision.

How do I decide?

Buying a property may still be difficult after looking through these evaluation pointers, but a clearer idea will definitely help in choosing the house of your dreams! If you are still hesitant about making the right choice, reach out to us clear all your queries efficiently and effectively. We have all the most up-to-date property information, insider news and the right tools to provide a ready analysis of your needs and long-term plans.


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