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Property Review Series: Lentor Modern

The next to be featured in our Property Review Series would be Lentor Modern, the stunning development located in District 20 along Lentor Central.

It is estimated to have 605 units across a land area of 17,279.9sqm. Lentor Modern is expected to be very popular due to its direct accessibility to Woodlands Regional Centre and the Central Business District. In addition, it will also be a short 5 minutes’ walk to reach the future Lentor MRT station, that is along the new Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). This also means that it is in close proximity to AMK Hub, Djitsun Mall and Jubilee Mall as well.

There are a lot of exciting developments in the area, from schools, shopping malls and national parks all in talks of being built. You can definitely except a lot to happen in the area!

Today, we take this chance to take a deep dive into what Sky Eden is like for its 3-bedroom flex and 4-bedroom flex units.

First we start with the 3-bedroom flex unit, which starts off on a strong note with its entrance walkway that has quite a large walking space – you can be sure that moving in boxes or luggage would not ever be an issue here. We are also greeted by muted tones and marbled flooring on the floor, which undeniably adds a touch of luxury and elegance here. We also appreciate how we are not able to see the bedrooms from here yet, which adds a layer of much-needed privacy when guests walk in.

We then walk further in, which leads us to the kitchen area. While the kitchen is slightly on the compact side, we like how there is a ventilation window for days where you want to cook up an extensive feast without wanting the whole house smell like food. The smooth finishings of the cupboards and shelves certainly make the place look more luxurious as well.

We then walk further in and see the living room, dining and the balcony area. Least to say, we are impressed by how the area is able to keep so many big pieces of furniture without accommodating on the walking space. The living room couch can easily fit the family of four, and we can also add another cough or stool at the side of the coffee table. The dining table is made for a table of 6 as well, perfect for inviting guests to your home for cozy gatherings. The balcony area also has a reading table and chair, beautiful and great for sunbathing and enjoying a leisurely morning in the warm sunshine.

We then walk down the corridor, which brings us down to the bathrooms and bedroom areas. Again, a lot of walking space for comfort. We also note how the marble flooring ends here to become a wooden flooring that is soft, smooth and gives off an elegant and cozy vibe.

We reach the other bedrooms first, which has floor to ceiling windows that really brightens up the space. The room is also big enough to accommodate a bedside table and a full sized cupboard.

We then get to the best part, which is the master bedroom. We like how there is a lot of space for a bedside table and a sitting chair. On the other end, we also have the dressing table and ample space for potted plants even. We also see the same floor to ceiling windows featured here, which is great for lighting and for making the space look expanded than ever.

Finally, we get to the master bedroom. We are absolutely loving the marbled flooring that is uniformly featured across the whole bathroom. European wares from Roca and Hansgrohe are featured here, which is definitely a huge plus. Luxury bathroom fittings is completed by a great under-the-counter basin, with ample space beside it to place your toiletries, makeup, and skincare.

Next, we get to the 4-bedroom flex unit, to see what the key differences between the two types of units are. From here, we can see that the entrance has now opened up to the dry kitchen section first, which has a glass partition that blocks the cooking grease from spreading across the whole area. It still allows you to interact across the glass wall, which is definitely great for families that want to interact with one another while cooking.

Walking into the dry kitchen and we like how there is an L-shaped elongated counter, which makes it perfect for one to whip up a salad or a quick meal at the counter. There is ample space for food preparation, spread and for you to keep and store your cookware.

Turning in and we see the wet kitchen, which is where the fridge, oven and basin are located at. It connects seamlessly to the glass partitions and has a lot of walking space for comfort. This definitely means that you can have more than one person moving around the cooking area.

Next, we get to the dining and living room area, which is amazing to say the least. We love how the dining table can easily accommodate 8 people, perfect for mid-size gatherings and family get-togethers. The high ceiling means that you can install a chandelier to your liking, and the reflective marble walls complement the marble flooring to make the area look luxurious and spacious.

Another striking upgrade in the 4-bedroom flex unit would be the walk-in wardrobe, which is impressive given its space and how wide it extends inwards. It even has a dressing table and chair at the ends of the wardrobe area, perfect for you to touch-up on your makeup and hair before heading out in the full-fit.

We get to the master bedroom, which is impressively enlarged to accommodate a much bigger bedside table and shelves on the other side. In my opinion, both of the bedside tables can be shifted away, for the bed to move and accommodate a study desk instead. Otherwise, one of the many rooms in this 4-bedroom unit can also be repurposed to become a study room anyways.

Finally, we get to the master bathroom in this stunning 4-bedroom flex unit. Again, we see the European wares being featured here. From Roca to Hansgrohe, these luxurious bathroom fittings perfectly complement the bathroom’s marbled interior.

Final Thoughts: What do we think about Lentor Modern?

Lentor Modern has been stunning across both its 3-bedroom flex and 4-bedroom flex units – from its amazing interior and quality homeware, we can tell that a lot of thought was put into its concept and construction. Coupled with its great location and its up-and-coming developments in the area, you can clearly tell that Lentor Modern is definitely one to look out for. With great proximity to reputable schools like CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ Secondary School, families will find this a great buy well worth for purchase and investment.

If you are interested in getting further updates on Lentor Modern or the most up-to-date information on units available and what type of units suit you best, reach out to us to know more.

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