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Making more out of less: Ways to brighten up and strategise the space in your home

With the rising population and property prices, many of the buyers in the property market have increasingly opted for smaller units in a bid to balance between a good location, a good unit and a space sufficient for them. Coupled with the shrinking household sizes, where families are becoming smaller with lesser kids and more single households.

This thus brings about the rising demand in smaller condominium units. However, with a relatively compact unit size, how do you manage to maximise your space to accommodate all your needs?

Here are 5 nifty tips for you to strategically place your furniture and items to make the most out of your living space.

1. Be creative with your storage options

Traditionally, we build shelves and cupboards in every room and even have a storage room to keep our belongings tucked away. With a more compact space, opt for wall-to-wall bookcases so that your walls can have a function - to store books, small items, and more!

The same goes for your beds - opt for bed frames that can be lifted so that you can store items underneath your mattress.

Otherwise, nesting tables or expanding dining tables that can also serve as coffee tables are also useful as well.

2. Make your rooms look expanded with mirrors

Mirrors or reflective surfaces are a great way to brighten up your living space since it helps to create another source of light within your room by reflecting natural light. Single large mirrors help to make the room look bigger than it is, if it is placed strategically.

Try to go with a simple frame paired with an oversized mirror to expand the visual space of the room. Place it roughly at eye level and have the mirrors in your place positioned at around the same height. This will help to accentuate the effect that your room is larger.

However, do remember to leave some space within the wall, so that the 4 walls do not look too cluttered.

3. Reduce clutter

As much as this is difficult, try to reduce clutter within your living space so that you have more walking space. This means keeping your furniture minimalist, and keep to only a few statement pieces. Avoid cluttering the place with too many small plants and items as it will make your space look less roomier.

4. Re-arrange furniture

A little bit of creativity is required to make sure that your space is effectively utilised. Try to position the large pieces of furniture in your home against the walls to maximise the amount of open space available. Make sure the keep pathways clear and visible so that the area does not look enclosed and cramped up.

Keep the number of accessories and smaller pieces limited, otherwise, it will become a visual obstruction blocking the room view, making it look enclosed.

5. Add statement pieces

Statement pieces are a great way to catch people’s attention away from the surrounding living space.

When it comes to adding statement pieces, try to avoid heavy, weighty pieces that will take up too much of the usable space within your home. Also avoid big furniture pieces that take up against the 4 walls of the room, as it will make the room look more crammed.

Also, try to make use of items that are low in height to create an open feel in the room.

If you need more renovation, home staging or property advice, do not hesitate to reach out further for more!

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