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OLA: The luxury EC that exceeds expectations. Written March 2021

When OLA executive condominium (EC) was launched, it created much anticipation due to the scarcity of ECs and its proximity to nature and breathtaking views. After all, ECs do generally come at a very attractive price point with a great selection of amenities. Along with the recent developments near District 19, we do see the potential and pull factor to OLA EC. OLA EC is expected to TOP in December of 2023.

Let’s take a look: OLA EC Tour

The first look at OLA EC and we see how the 548 units are spaced out across a total of 184,462 sq ft, Surprisingly, it doesn’t look as compact and in fact, you will notice later on that there is quite a considerable space between units due to the strategic placement of the amenities. The 548 units will be across 9 buildings of 16 storeys.

At OLA, you can tell the difference between a standard EC and the delicate luxury incorporated into OLA EC. After all, OLA EC is the result of developer Anchorvale Pte Ltd’s partnership with Spanish luxury house Lladro, which is very well known for its high-end porcelain offerings and home accessories. Therefore, it is also no wonder why OLA EC is branded as a luxury EC as well. You will also expect to see the EC have elements of Spanish theme across the units.

That is not all. The developers took great efforts to incorporate technology into every detail as well - from the motorized blinds patterned with Lladro-inspired motifs, to Samsung SmartThings Hub in every household (for control of lights, thermostats, and Samsung Smart Doorlock in an app). OLA EC marks the very first collaboration between an EC and Samsung, making it stand out even further.

We also really like the fact that there will be artworks from Spanish artist Eva Armisen featured in each of the 9 buildings, adding an element of sophistication across the accommodation.

Now, we move on to the details of OLA EC. From the entrance, we can see that there is the standard guardhouse followed by the impressive OLA Grand Lobby, which is decorated by intricate detailings, most likely inspired by Spanish motifs. It seamlessly leads us onto the Casa Club and straight into the amenities that OLA has to offer, which is quite a good view across the accommodation as well. You can hardly tell that this is an EC and not a luxury condo, which is most probably why it befits the title of a “luxury EC”.

Taking a further walk into OLA EC and we are impressed by the views of the amenities perfectly incorporated with lush greenery and elements of nature. We like how residents can take a leisurely stroll across Sensorio Walk, enjoy a small gathering at the Cielo Bar or Culinary Cabana, and continue their stroll down to the grand pavilion and the lagoons. It also gives enough distance between the opposite blocks, a plus point for those that prefer privacy. The themed gardens, forest deck, passage of dreams, forest atrium, sensorio walk, forestal cove, sensory gardens are among the selection of facilities within this stretch to bring residents closer to nature.

Near the centre of OLA EC and we see the aqua and sports facilities, which include the 50M lap pool, aqua play, aqua fitness, forestal spa that is surrounded by the picnic lawn, hammock lounge, palm cove, spa forest that are all perfect for relaxation.

We also like that kids facilities are extensively incorporated for those with families. Some of the kids’ facilities include kids’ playground (kid’s playspace), kids’ splash pool, aqua play and many more. Your furry kids are also not left out at the pets corner and numerous open spaces within the beautiful landscape across OLA EC.

There are a couple of other interesting spaces as well, including the open spaces like the siesta lounge and active corner. A good range of selections that are well spreaded out across the whole area.

Finally, we have the tennis court as well, an essential for many. Though, given the number of units in the project, it might be a slight challenge booking a slot to enjoy a game of tennis here.

Next, we take a deep dive to analyze the 3 showflat mock-ups in the showroom to have a better understanding of what the layout and design are like.

Unit Analysis: 3 Bedroom review

Starting off with the 3 bedroom review, the 3 bedroom unit is well designed despite its 926 sq ft size. Upon entering the unit, there is a lobby area that elongates the living room area. The living room is considerably large, and the open space is enough to fit another massage chair or furniture piece of your choice.

The dining table is able to fit 4 seats comfortably, but can definitely fit more if we go for collapsable tables. From the dining table we get to the kitchen, which is spacious and well positioned.

We have the kitchen essentials, cabinets and drawers all built in, which is definitely convenient and pleasant for the residents. Designed with porcelain tile with PVC skirting to floor, it makes it easier to clean and wipe. The built-in eletrical oven, gas hob and hood are all provided and from TEKA. This is one of the larger kitchens offered in the same unit across various development, definitely a plus point for those that loves to cook.

The standard bedrooms are comfortable in terms of size, and you are able to fit in a single bed with cupboards and possibly a study table should you be alright with compromising on some of the walking space. One plus point would be the high ceiling and the full panel windows, which really makes the rooms bigger and brighter. It also adds a touch of luxury that is hard to find other units.

Finally the highlight of the unit, the master bedroom. Due to efficient placement and layout of the unit, we see that the master bedroom is also considerably large. We are able to fit in built-in full height wardrobes and side tables beside the bed as well. The floor is designed with vinyl timber flooring with PVC skirting, which adds a touch of muted luxury to the room design. The air-conditioning system would be Mitsubishi and provided.

The master bathroom is a pretty standard piece, with porcelain tiles adorned across the whole area. They have opted for a monotone design, where the black and white elements create an elevated and sophisticated look. It comes with a vanity cabinet with laminate finish, complete with basin and basin mixer. The mirror cabinet, towel rails and rest of the bathroom essentials are much appreciated as well.

Unit Analysis: 3 Bedroom Premium review

Next we reach the 3 bedroom premium unit, which has some notable differences in layout and space allocation as compared to the 3 bedroom unit. Here, we can see that the balcony area is extended to acommodate a longer stretch, possibly to include more pieces of furniture. While the positioning of the living room and dining table is the same it now has a greater area to include possibly a piano as well, perfect for families.

In addition, some of the more significant differences would be the inclusion of a proper yard area that is connected to the storeroom, which we will get into that later on. The rooms are also slightly bigger to accommodate greater walking spaces.

We notice how the separation of (a) dining room area from the living room means much greater space for dining, including a 6 seater dining table with ease.

We definitely prefer the layout here as the (b) living room was seamlessly connected to the balcony area, and the smart play of the space allocation made it possible to include a larger seating sofa and a study table.

The (c) kitchen here, while having the same kitchen essentials and offerings, offer a greater walking area to even include an island kitchen counter. Plenty of counter space across the L shape kitchen area also means greater comfort in preparing meals as well.

The (d) yard and storeroom area connected to the kitchen deserves a mention, since it is one of the major differences from the standard 3 bedroom unit. The storeroom has a cabinet that can open up to a full sized collapsible bed, which is a great and smart option to transform it into a helper’s room if required.

While the bedrooms are generally same, it has access to the balcony, which can be a plus point if you turn it into a functionable area like a study table (i.e. study space).

Another notable difference would be the (e) master bedroom, which has considerably better layout and size to include a dressing table (or reading table, depending on your preference).

Unit Analysis: 4 Bedroom Review

We reach the 4 bedroom unit, and we can clearly see that there has been an extended space in the living room and dining area, whcih it now has its own demarcated area away from the entrance lobby, which also provides more privacy as well. The kitchen is also significantly larger to accomodate an island counter and bigger yard plus storeroom. The master bedroom is also larger to work with, allowing greater creativity to include more pieces of furniture like dressing table or study table.

Here at the four bedroom unit, we see once again that the (a) balcony area was creatively used to create a bar counter of sort that connects with the dining table to create an elongated (a) living and dining room area. This open space concept definitely makes the area look more spacious and expansive.

Next, we definitely got to talk about the (b) kitchen, which looks absolutely luxurious with the island kitchen counter and larger kitchen space. There is plenty of cooking and baking space here, and can fit the whole family in if you are the type to involve your young ones in some fun baking sessions.

The (c) yard is well placed for you to do some hand washing for any delicate clothing pieces, and the (d) storage room (or helper’s room, depending on your preference) is also much larger. Alternatively, you can design it into a recreational room, like here where it could be a painting or drawing room.

The hallway is straightforward, with clean entrances to each of the bedrooms.

The (e) junior master bedroom is considerably bigger than the other standard bedroom, with ample walking space and even space to place side tables beside the bed. The high ceiling and full panel windows definitely makes the room brighter and more spacious.

Finally we get to the (f) master bedroom, which is larger to include a dressing table as well, right beside the cabinets and shelves. The full panel windows and high ceilings definitely play a huge factor here to make the room look brighter and more luxurious as well.

Summing it up: OLA EC is an EC that exceeds expectations

With the scarcity of ECs and their attractive price points, it is no wonder that OLA EC becomes extremely popular, further standing out for its luxury options and sophisticated Spanish elements that makes a significant difference. Coupled with its efficient layout and design, it is easy to see why OLA EC is an option that should be considered.

If you would like to have an in-depth analysis, feel free to reach out for the latest property news and updates. The above is written by Kaeden Ong. To know more, contact him at +65 9048 0660. The information provided is for generation information purposes only and does not have regard to specific investment objectives, financial situation and the particular needs of any recipient hereof. No information here should be used as legal, taxation or investment advice.

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