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Property Review Series: Sky Eden

Our next Property Review Series casts its spotlight on an up-and-coming mixed development - Sky Eden. Sky Eden is a 99-year leasehold property in District 16 along the Bedok and Upper East Coast Road, specifically 1 Bedok Central. It will feature 158 residential units across 17 storeys, with another 12 units for shops as well.

As its majestic name suggests, Sky Eden is an impressive first launch in Bedok since 2011 with great location and amenities. Being a 3 minutes’ walk to Bedok MRT station and Bedok Bus interchange, Sky Eden is also well surrounded by Bedok shopping mall, supermarkets, and a myriad of dining options. Along with the Bedok Heartbeat and reputable schools in the area, there’s truly nothing much one can pick on when it comes to living in Sky Eden.

Today, we take this chance to take a deep dive into what Sky Eden is like for its 2 bedroom and 3-bedroom units.

Starting off with the 2-bedroom deluxe, we notice that the floorplan comes in a strategic setup that leads the entrance to the living room and balcony. It avoids direct entrance to the bedrooms, providing much needed privacy to guests that enter the room The kitchen and dining area placement is also well thought out, with little space wasted in the whole floor plan orientation.

Taking a closer look at the 2-bedroom unit, we see how the whole living room area looks spacious by extending all the way to the open balcony. We like how there is ample walkway even with the full set of furniture built in, and the balcony is also spacious enough to accommodate a bar table and chairs - perfect for a leisurely afternoon enjoying the breeze.

From here you can see the kitchen as well, which is also another plus point due to its glass partitions. The glass partitions make it easier for families to interact while they cook and set up the dining table, and also provide some form of compartmentalisation as well.

Here you can see the full view of the kitchen, where there is ample of space to do your food preparations. The basin space and refrigerator space is also big, making it a dream for those that enjoy cooking and need that kitchen space.

We like how the marbled flooring lights up the whole area, and there is ample space to accommodate a table connecting to the glass partitions. Even with the two chairs added to the other side of the table, you can tell that there is alot of room for comfort to walk around in.


Finally, we get to the master bedroom, which can easily accommodate a king-sized bed while still having lots of walking space for comfort. In fact, even with the closet and king-sized bed, you could still fit a bedside table for your essentials right beside you.

We also take a look at the bathroom features, where we notice the special considerations made with the selection of slip-resistant flooring. Along with the designer bathroom fittings such as Hansgrohe faucets and Bosch appliances, you can really feel the luxurious living that is effortlessly blended into the units here.

Next we get to the 3-bedroom units that is Type C2. From the entrance you are greeted by the kitchen area and the living room space, again giving greater privacy to the bedrooms. You also get the feeling that the area is expanded and very spacious since it extends all the way to the open balcony space.

We can tell from here that there the kitchen in the 3-bedroom unit has considerably increased in size, with there ample space to accommodate an island counter with the kitchen sink on one side, and the kitchen stove plus fridge on the other. Walking further in brings us to the yard area as well, which is pleasantly spacious. There’s even space for ironing boards, shelves, storage space and much more. There is also a washroom there, convenient for families to hand wash delicate items and do some last-minute wash ups there.

Next we reach the dining room area, which we notice how the living space is bright due to the luxurious marble flooring that brightens up the space. It helps to make the area look larger and comfortable. The dining area is big enough to easily accommodate a dining table of 6, and we suspect this can even be increased to a bigger dining table if you wish to do so. From the dining table we can see the glass partition of the kitchen, which is perfect for those that wishes to interact across the two spaces.

The dining area is connected to the living room, which easily fits a sofa that can sit a family of four. The balcony can also be designed to be a part of the living room, making the area bigger. Otherwise, the balcony alone is also able to fit a couch and coffee table - perfect for leisurely afternoons basking in the sunlight.

The bedrooms are rather standard, which is designed to have space for your essentials - from your study table, closet, bedside areas and the bed itself. However, we like how the closets and windows are all from floor to ceiling, making the room look bigger. Floor to ceiling closets are also generally easier to manage, given that there won’t be a collection of dust the top of the closets.

Continuing our way down would be the master bedroom, the highlight of the 3-bedroom unit. The master bedroom is considerably larger, with comfortable walking space even with the dressing table and bedside tables. The floor to ceiling windows are also featured here, making the room bigger and brighter by allowing more sunlight to shine in.

Finally, we get to the bathroom, which remains quite consistent with the one we saw in the 2-bedroom unit. Again, we see the slip-resistant flooring here, along with the designer bathroom fittings such as Hansgrohe faucets and Bosch appliances.

Overall, we definitely like the appeal of the 3-bedroom unit - spacious, bright, with well-conceptualised layouts. While some of the bedroom and bathroom setups are pretty standard, there’s also nothing to pick apart on. Sky Eden is definitely a good choice for families that enjoys cooking, interacting and spending quality time together.

Final Thoughts: What do we think about Sky Eden?

Based on current analysis and observations, it is true that Sky Eden has a lot to offer when it comes to its unit layout, facilities and strategic location. Coupled with the fact that it is a mixed development, buyers are guaranteed a comfortable lifestyle that brings the world to their doorstep easily.

If you are interested and wish to know more about the pricing analysis or updated property information, do not hesitate to reach out to us at to know more! We will be happy to assist you in your asset progression journey!

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